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Tara Egnatuk

Principal, Marshall Middle School

Meet Tara Egnatuk, the head principal of Marshall Middle School.  She has been with MMS since 2016, first as Assistant Principal.  Before entering the field of education she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from the University of Michigan and worked in the conservation field for many years.  Her love of teaching about the environment led to the pursuit of a teaching degree in secondary science and 10 years of teaching science at the high school level.  She is a natural leader, taking on many leadership roles before earning her Master of Arts degree from Western Michigan University in Educational Leadership.  Tara has a background in environmental studies and a passion for sustainability, she is dedicated to providing her students with the tools they need to be responsible and active citizens in their communities. She believes in giving students the opportunity to learn about and engage with the world around them.

I am committed to creating a learning environment that is not only academically challenging, but also socially and emotionally supportive, providing the resources and support that students need to be successful contributors to society.

- Tara Egnatuk